When I received the admission letter from GIBS, I was really at cloud 9. GIBS offer a blend of learning and delight to its students. The faculty members here are very supportive and kind to us. Studying in GIBS feels like I’m studying in a small India, as they have students from all parts of the country. The infrastructure of the college is excellent as it is nature filled. I’m really having beautiful memories at GIBS and I will always cherish them.
Thank you GIBS for providing me such a wonderful opportunity.


GIBS (Global Institute of Business Studies) is an amazing college where the students get enormous knowledge and skills to learn and experience in their practical life’s. It has a world class campus designed in the laps of nature with best faculty and personalized attention to enhance each and every student to their full Potential. As a student of this glorious college I feel proud on myself for opting this institution over all other colleges, which is welcoming me to the life of a future manager with wide open arms and happiness. My mentor and all the faculty has helped me a lot to brush up my personality and grab all the opportunities of the upcoming future.


Describing my journey at GIBS can be summarized in just one word which is ‘evolve’. Yes, evolving to meet the demands of the corporate world, evolving from an immature college graduate to a mature to-be hired applicant. The journey till date has been phenomenal with teachers being the biggest support system and in no measuring unit can I state how privileged I am to be a part of this institution and being under the guidance of such intellectualities. The journey has just started and there is still long way to go before I sleep but considering how it has been until now, undoubtedly so much more is yet to come and I am definitely looking forward to it.


GIBS, Bangalore is a beautiful institution nestled in the picturesque and serene nature. The institution’s location is away from the crowded hustle and bustle of the urban environment make this institution a truly unique place and well suited for its purpose; the growth and development of the students in a secure and safe environment. The institution has a modern campus with all the facilities of an international education institution. Hostels are designed to give a growing crowd enough privacy and yet have the companionship of their friends, largely
friendly classrooms, ample of playing fields and just enough luxury to make it an ideal environment to give modern young students enough reason to study hard and excel in their fields. Faculty is just so amazing i.e it never let any student feel low or less motivated. All the teachers are just like our parents who have always pushed each student to grow and move forward with the best knowledge. An institution is made up by the students and this academy has ample of students with so many different cultures and backgrounds, which also helps the student to learn better and in a fun way.


The GIBS College is very good, with very good atmosphere. On very first day when I entered the college, the faculties were welcoming and supportive. Hostel facilities in GIBS are good and they prepare variety of food so that every states student can adjust. GIBS College is different from other college as they have 1 month orientation, in which guest speakers from different companies were called. They shared their experiences and also they told us about the expectations of corporate world from a fresher. We also had SAVISKARA in which we got a chance to show our talent, which initially held us to know each other. Coming to GIBS was my good decision as it will help me to grow and develop my knowledge and skills.


I took admission in GIBS after a lot of research. GIBS has wonderful facilities as well as a positive campus environment. The college provides consistent assistance regarding the academics as well as placements. Also, it has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for students like cultural events, sports etc. I’m looking forward to the corporate world interaction it has on offer in the near future. I can proudly say that I ended up making the right decision.


GIBS Business school is a journey in which there is full of “fun learning” in such a comfort zone. This I can say with utmost surety, because the way all the faculty members have helped us to grow as a better colleague in future is just mesmerizing. The day I entered in this Institution, I was blessed with the peaceful and friendly Atmosphere with excellence of view in this campus. The infrastructure here is well built that it didn’t take time for students to be habitual. Here we got an opportunity to get familiar with the different people having amazing
culture. The orientation has helped all the students to experience the corporate world with the reality before entering it. They do not only focus on studies but also enhances ones talents/interest by introducing to an event known as ‘SAVISKARA’. It also helped few students to get out of their comfort zone and perform well. As we all know “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS” this phrase is surely opted by this institution because they had numerous Activities which helped ones to build confidence, moral and willingness to learn more. At last but not the least, I would like to congratulate each and every student foe taking the right decision for their own bright future. Thank you and have amazing experience as I had one.


The GIBS business school, according to what it stands for pushes the students to attain the global standard which help us to go a step further and relive our dream. The faculty encourage the students to take initiative and support us in making our own decisions. The environment supports the development of leadership quality and required values through management wide variety of games team based activities. I, Madhav Mahadev is excited about my journey with GIBS and looking forward to what the course leads me to.

The college not only focuses on the academic or job related aspect, it grooms the students to become a ‘better you’ through initiatives like personality development activities encouraging to take up the opportunities, celebration of various festivals (secularism). The mentorship program by GIBS is close to my heart as it helps students find solace and keep me inspired and motivated. The mentor is like a second parent and helps us. All we need to do is “ask”!!