The GIBS business school, according to what it stands for pushes the students to attain the global standard which help us to go a step further and relive our dream. The faculty encourage the students to take initiative and support us in making our own decisions. The environment supports the development of leadership quality and required values through management wide variety of games team based activities. I, Madhav Mahadev is excited about my journey with GIBS and looking forward to what the course leads me to.

The college not only focuses on the academic or job related aspect, it grooms the students to become a ‘better you’ through initiatives like personality development activities encouraging to take up the opportunities, celebration of various festivals (secularism). The mentorship program by GIBS is close to my heart as it helps students find solace and keep me inspired and motivated. The mentor is like a second parent and helps us. All we need to do is “ask”!!