Amit Panicker


In an era where Innovation, Research & Entrepreneurship are the buzzes, GIBS has given us the opportunity to be a part of the three major pillars I.R.E and have a depth understanding of the same. IRE has definitely made us think out of the box & step into the world of the 21st century with a broader mind. For a first-generation wannabe entrepreneur like myself who’s learning, acquiring new skills & taking risks to create new businesses and opportunities…this program is like a blessing to me.

 Also finishing school is making sure that we are groomed & well trained to face the other side of the world. The training is all about how we must carry ourselves in terms of body language, communication skills, zeal & the zest, etc. so that we’ll be valued & dignified in the society or in the eyes of others. We honestly feel blessed to get such an astonishing opportunity for all of us to be a part of finishing school. We get to know our weaknesses & finishing school is actually helping us to fix them.  I hope we graduate with a cent % in finishing school as well.