Dr. Anisha Soni


After working as a doctor during a pandemic and gaining expertise in medical sciences, technology, and management, GIBS seemed like the ideal place to learn about the complexities of the sector. The biggest highlight is the unique blend of technology and management, wherein the heavyweights of the education industry, GIBS as your mentor. The subjects are covered with such clarity and detail, that no matter which academic background one comes from, the learning is both satisfying and rewarding. This is possible due to the world-class faculty, a thoroughly professional team, and a stiff course schedule which is demanding, to say the least. 

Highly structured and intriguing content broken down for easy assimilation and execution.

Special thanks to GIBS for an initiative that gives wings to thousands of students. The quality education along with all-around development is the best part of the college. Infrastructure and hostel facilities are some of the best. Finishing school sessions along with IRE has proved to be highly beneficial for us. I am highly obliged to be part of the GIBS family.