Eduri Pratima Gayatri


GIBS is like an open platform of opportunities for everyone. Exposure to knowledge and learning is quite a real thing at GIBS. I chose GIBS because of its unique and highly career-oriented programs like IRE School, where the students will be guided to think differently and have a unique approach towards different situations. Professors here are not only the regular academics concerned, but also helps the students to think practical and bring out the best in them. It is all about how much effort one is ready to put in, it’s like a knowledge mining center, you have to put in efforts to extract as much knowledge as you can. In each and every step we take or idea we think about the professors will always try their best to give us as much support and guidance as they can. GIBS for me is like a bunch of crazy people who came in to create wonders through educating empty minds. It’s a great opportunity for me to be exposed to such a kind of college with varied cultures and amazing programs blend in it.