K. Rohit

I have an undergraduate degree in B.E. Computer Science and Engineering. After completing my UG, I joined GIBS College to pursue my PGDM course.

I reported to the college on 21st July where we had a registration & document submission process and were welcomed by the management staff who guided me through the entire process and made sure everything, including settling into the college and hostel, went smoothly. The following day we had an inauguration ceremony, where we were welcomed by both the staff and the seniors. The students were provided with the proper academic schedule and overall curriculum of the course.

The following 15 days (July 25 – August 10) comprised orientation classes, where we were visited by various industry experts, who shared their knowledge, spoke regarding their experience in their respective fields and advised on how the students should train themselves for the outside world. The overall experience of the classes was very insightful.

On 11th August, the classes for the first trimester started. Various professors with their exceptional knowledge regarding the industry helped with the subjects. Being a student of an engineering background, I had a tough time grasping certain concepts and was lacking in the subjects, but the professors helped me in various ways in clearing all those problems and made me prepare well. There is also an additional subject named IRE that provides an understanding of how a typical business works and that helped me to come up with various innovative ideas and entrepreneurial plans through thorough research and made me understand what the world is looking for in an entrepreneur. The GFS, on the other side, has been helping me to overcome fears like public speaking and helps me communicate fluently by frequently indulging in various activities and providing assignments to overcome these problems.

On the extra-curricular side, professors came out with various activities, role-play, presentations and case studies to make us prepare not only theoretically but also practically and that helped to understand the concepts rather quickly and efficiently.

There were also many events like the fresher’s party, inter-college fest, Vinayaga Chaturthi, Diwali, and Navaratri celebrations that I thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated with my friends.

Overall my experience in GIBS is splendid as it helped me to improve myself and also helped me in continuing to do so and I am grateful for that.