M Gokul

“Life is just a bowl of cherries. But it all depends on how they use it to make cherries taste fantastic.” For me, the cherries started to taste fantastic at the GIBS Business School, Bangalore PGDM Degree which provided me with a good opportunity to make my career taste fantastic. I would like to thank GIBS College, Bangalore and express my sincere thanks to our beloved M.D Mr. Ritesh Goyal Sir for understanding and creating a good platform to showcase our skills. My sincere thanks to our Assistant Dean PGDM DR. Lakshmi mam for encouraging, enriching students and supporting them in every situation.

PGDM team can be expressed as a Family which wanted all the students to grow and become successful in life. They gave us experience and also taught us how to implement each and everything in a practical manner. The faculty members are highly qualified professors who have vast knowledge in corporate world and the way they teach us is fabulous. The amount of joy and the practical knowledge what we gather here will surely help us in the corporate sector and especially the decorum what they maintain is to be appreciated. The college supports students and celebrates each function with joy and involves students as a family. The most important thing which I liked the most in GIBS is “GIBS Finishing School” where it makes all the students perfect and trains students to crack the interview with the help of Trainers which no other college does. I am Proud to be part of GIBSIAN and looking forward for a bright future and amazing year in GIBS.