Kankana Roy Chowdhury

A pool isn’t just the same as an ocean. It has no energy, no Life”. Quote by Linda Gerber 

The above-mentioned quote stands true for the GIBS. This wonderful institution works on the philosophy of ‘energy into everything’. This philosophy is a great motivator for students to work harder and make the most of the opportunities provided to them.

To come to this institution has been one of the best decisions as this institute not only helps the students to excel academically but also looks into the overall development of the student such as public speaking, image management, and other skills which are an absolute requirement. 

All I can say is that this B-school is everything a PGDM candidate might hope for based on my own experience.

Rakesh R Y

Hello, I am Rakesh R.y. pursuing 1st year PGDM in Global Institute of Business Studies Bangalore. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ritesh Goyal sir for creating such a great institution. Taking admission to GIBS is one of the best decisions of my life. GIBS as the word itself says it encourages and helps us to know management from the perspective of the local body till the international level, when it comes to teaching, all the lecturers are very well experienced, they focus more on practical teaching along with the theoretical teaching. The regular subject’s syllabus is according to the trending market needs, this helps us to get updated about the present market and its demands and this is one of the major advantages of taking a PGDM course. 

“OPPORTUNITIES ARE ALWAYS POPING WHEN YOU HAVE the INTENTION TO LEARN AND GROW” yes each and every lecturer in GIBS are very supportive and open to feed us with a great amount of knowing what they have. Most of the students judge the college based upon the highest placement package, if you are not ready to set your mind, learn and implement things, no college can give you the highest placement. If you are the person who is expecting the highest placement, remember that you should also be equally valuable to what you expect.

GIBS not only support theoretical learning but also focuses more on experiential learning, that is where the IRE and Finishing School come into the picture. 

IRE I-Innovation, R-Research, E-Entrepreneurship. In Innovation we learn how to bring out a creative idea or a solution to a problem, In Research we walk across how far the idea or the solution to the problem will be beneficial and provide value, and in the last part that is Entrepreneurship we learn to find a way to bring out the plan into practical existence, totally IRE is the best way to push and brush our mind to creative thinking and bring a positive outcome. 

Last but not the least GIBS FINISHING SCHOOL, is such a great platform to excel our skills and to be open to grab the available opportunities, In GFS we start polishing ourselves to the placements from the 1st day of joining the college only, in these 2 years of PGDM journey we can nourish us as a person who can stand out in a crowd of competition and having values. GIBS is definitely the best stop to develop yourself in a PGDM course. GIBS hostel is also filled with the necessary facilities which a student should have, as the students from different parts of INDIA take admissions in GIBS, the food in the hostel is prepared by keeping it in concern and the taste is up to the mark. I feel lucky to be a part of GIBS and looking forward to building moments in my future. 


Dr. Anisha Soni

After working as a doctor during a pandemic and gaining expertise in medical sciences, technology, and management, GIBS seemed like the ideal place to learn about the complexities of the sector. The biggest highlight is the unique blend of technology and management, wherein the heavyweights of the education industry, GIBS as your mentor. The subjects are covered with such clarity and detail, that no matter which academic background one comes from, the learning is both satisfying and rewarding. This is possible due to the world-class faculty, a thoroughly professional team, and a stiff course schedule which is demanding, to say the least. 

Highly structured and intriguing content broken down for easy assimilation and execution.

Special thanks to GIBS for an initiative that gives wings to thousands of students. The quality education along with all-around development is the best part of the college. Infrastructure and hostel facilities are some of the best. Finishing school sessions along with IRE has proved to be highly beneficial for us. I am highly obliged to be part of the GIBS family.

Amit Panicker

In an era where Innovation, Research & Entrepreneurship are the buzzes, GIBS has given us the opportunity to be a part of the three major pillars I.R.E and have a depth understanding of the same. IRE has definitely made us think out of the box & step into the world of the 21st century with a broader mind. For a first-generation wannabe entrepreneur like myself who’s learning, acquiring new skills & taking risks to create new businesses and opportunities…this program is like a blessing to me.

 Also finishing school is making sure that we are groomed & well trained to face the other side of the world. The training is all about how we must carry ourselves in terms of body language, communication skills, zeal & the zest, etc. so that we’ll be valued & dignified in the society or in the eyes of others. We honestly feel blessed to get such an astonishing opportunity for all of us to be a part of finishing school. We get to know our weaknesses & finishing school is actually helping us to fix them.  I hope we graduate with a cent % in finishing school as well.

Naveenraj G

I am Naveenraj G, of Batch 2020-22, PGDM. I am specializing in Business Analytics and Marketing. I consider myself a lucky student, to be one of the first ones to explore the privileges of the IRE school from GIBS. The curriculum of the IRE school is a unique program focusing on the practical aspects and the applications of the concepts we learn in our PGDM.  The key takes away from the IRE program helped me to achieve my day-to-day obligations efficiently. The components, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship of the IRE School gets you prepared in multidimensional aspects. I thank GIBS for such an innovative and practical approach to learning.

Ria Manoj Nair

I had done plenty of research until I came across GIBS. This institute has proven to be everything one can expect from a PGDM institute. It was difficult to find the needle from the haystack but not impossible and all my research paid off when I found GIBS. 

It is different from other institutions not only because of its programs but also because of its approach to the curriculum. My experience so far has only been positive and I want to carry this positivity forward.


When I received the admission letter from GIBS, I was really at cloud 9. GIBS offer a blend of learning and delight to its students. The faculty members here are very supportive and kind to us. Studying in GIBS feels like I’m studying in a small India, as they have students from all parts of the country. The infrastructure of the college is excellent as it is nature filled. I’m really having beautiful memories at GIBS and I will always cherish them.
Thank you GIBS for providing me such a wonderful opportunity.


GIBS (Global Institute of Business Studies) is an amazing college where the students get enormous knowledge and skills to learn and experience in their practical life’s. It has a world class campus designed in the laps of nature with best faculty and personalized attention to enhance each and every student to their full Potential. As a student of this glorious college I feel proud on myself for opting this institution over all other colleges, which is welcoming me to the life of a future manager with wide open arms and happiness. My mentor and all the faculty has helped me a lot to brush up my personality and grab all the opportunities of the upcoming future.


Describing my journey at GIBS can be summarized in just one word which is ‘evolve’. Yes, evolving to meet the demands of the corporate world, evolving from an immature college graduate to a mature to-be hired applicant. The journey till date has been phenomenal with teachers being the biggest support system and in no measuring unit can I state how privileged I am to be a part of this institution and being under the guidance of such intellectualities. The journey has just started and there is still long way to go before I sleep but considering how it has been until now, undoubtedly so much more is yet to come and I am definitely looking forward to it.


GIBS, Bangalore is a beautiful institution nestled in the picturesque and serene nature. The institution’s location is away from the crowded hustle and bustle of the urban environment make this institution a truly unique place and well suited for its purpose; the growth and development of the students in a secure and safe environment. The institution has a modern campus with all the facilities of an international education institution. Hostels are designed to give a growing crowd enough privacy and yet have the companionship of their friends, largely friendly classrooms, ample of playing fields and just enough luxury to make it an ideal environment to give modern young students enough reason to study hard and excel in their fields. Faculty is just so amazing i.e it never let any student feel low or less motivated. All the teachers are just like our parents who have always pushed each student to grow and move forward with the best knowledge. An institution is made up by the students and this academy has ample of students with so many different cultures and backgrounds, which also helps the student to learn better and in a fun way.