Pratishtha Singh

Hello everyone, I am Pratishtha Singh and I want to share a part of my life with you, particularly after I came to GIBS. Although I am usually an extrovert person, , I always had a fear of public speaking. I am not sure why, but I let this fear hold me back for a long time. However, my biggest fear was actually becoming nothing and having no significant identity or being stuck in a job where I felt like an outsider. For most of my life, I was a mediocre student and unaware of my potential. When I made the decision to come to GIBS College in Bangalore for my Master’s degree, it was entirely my choice and I am grateful for it. Here, I have had some of the best teachers who are always available and ready to guide me. My mentors have helped me discover my potential and taught me to push my boundaries further. As a class representative and an SCRE – Student Corporate Relations Executive, I have learned to be accountable and responsible for my actions. The best lesson I learned was to not be afraid of making mistakes but to learn from them. Through my experiences at GIBS, I have become more confident in public speaking and have gained a strong faith in myself. I am grateful for my teachers and the college for consistently believing in me and pushing me to be my best. GIBS has become more than just an institution to me, it is a family. I am proud to say that I can bring laurels to my college even after I leave. Yours Truly, Pratishtha ”Prats” Singh