Priyam Sen

Hi everyone, my name is Priyam Sen and I’m from Guwahati, Assam. I’ve been to Bengaluru before for education, but my experience at GIBS has been exceptional and left a lasting impression on me. The journey here has been filled with valuable learning and practical exposure, making it a memorable and worthwhile experience. What makes GIBS different from other B-schools in Bengaluru is its focus on innovation. The institution encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, making it unique. GIBS is more than simply an educational institution; it is a place where colleagues and batchmates become friends and family. The atmosphere of camaraderie and support among us has been incredible, making every step of this trip enjoyable. One of GIBS’ key goals is to push us beyond our comfort zones and train us to be great corporate professionals. Soft-skill training is essential to our schooling because it provides us with the tools we need to succeed in the corporate world. The faculty of GIBS is outstanding. They give detailed explanations and assistance, ensuring that we not only comprehend the concepts but also learn how to properly use them in our future endeavors. Mr. Ritesh Goyal, our Managing Director, has a potent mantra: PR is not just Public Relations, but also Personal Relations. This motto has had a great influence on me, encouraging me to make genuine relationships with people and pave the way for my success in both society and the industry. GIBS is a goldmine of useful mantras and lessons that mould our character and prepare us for a successful profession. I’m thankful for the chance to study at GIBS, and I’m confident that the information and experiences I’ve obtained here will drive me toward a successful and satisfying future. Thank you for being an inspiration and source of empowerment in my life, GIBS. I’m grateful for this life-changing experience and eager to seize the chances that lay ahead. With sincere gratitude, Priyam Sen