Rakesh R Y


Hello, I am Rakesh R.y. pursuing 1st year PGDM in Global Institute of Business Studies Bangalore. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ritesh Goyal sir for creating such a great institution. Taking admission to GIBS is one of the best decisions of my life. GIBS as the word itself says it encourages and helps us to know management from the perspective of the local body till the international level, when it comes to teaching, all the lecturers are very well experienced, they focus more on practical teaching along with the theoretical teaching. The regular subject’s syllabus is according to the trending market needs, this helps us to get updated about the present market and its demands and this is one of the major advantages of taking a PGDM course. 

“OPPORTUNITIES ARE ALWAYS POPING WHEN YOU HAVE the INTENTION TO LEARN AND GROW” yes each and every lecturer in GIBS are very supportive and open to feed us with a great amount of knowing what they have. Most of the students judge the college based upon the highest placement package, if you are not ready to set your mind, learn and implement things, no college can give you the highest placement. If you are the person who is expecting the highest placement, remember that you should also be equally valuable to what you expect.

GIBS not only support theoretical learning but also focuses more on experiential learning, that is where the IRE and Finishing School come into the picture. 

IRE I-Innovation, R-Research, E-Entrepreneurship. In Innovation we learn how to bring out a creative idea or a solution to a problem, In Research we walk across how far the idea or the solution to the problem will be beneficial and provide value, and in the last part that is Entrepreneurship we learn to find a way to bring out the plan into practical existence, totally IRE is the best way to push and brush our mind to creative thinking and bring a positive outcome. 

Last but not the least GIBS FINISHING SCHOOL, is such a great platform to excel our skills and to be open to grab the available opportunities, In GFS we start polishing ourselves to the placements from the 1st day of joining the college only, in these 2 years of PGDM journey we can nourish us as a person who can stand out in a crowd of competition and having values. GIBS is definitely the best stop to develop yourself in a PGDM course. GIBS hostel is also filled with the necessary facilities which a student should have, as the students from different parts of INDIA take admissions in GIBS, the food in the hostel is prepared by keeping it in concern and the taste is up to the mark. I feel lucky to be a part of GIBS and looking forward to building moments in my future.