Renusha Talakala

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi

This quote resonates with me dearly as I sit here thinking of how GIBS Business School is making me realize and bring out the best of my inner abilities that I once wasn’t quite aware existed in me or felt as though they didn’t deserve to be shown to the world. Having been through a professional shift from CA to PGDM, I was all the more sceptical about my decision to join here but thanks to the rays of opportunities and learnings that I get to gather every hour of every day, that doubt of mine is now far from reach. GIBS is one such institution that has enabled learning to be more practical and fun-oriented – letting one have real-time exposure to the corporate world and be better equipped professionally via IRE sessions, marketing lab, various specialized societies, case studies, GIBS Finishing School, interviews, scheduled classes, expert sessions with professionals and guest speakers, networking, to name a few. The events are offered in a cohort style which fosters growth in both personal and professional networks. I am eternally grateful to the Managing Director, Mr. Ritesh Goyal Sir, Assistant dean Prof. Lakshmi ma’am, esteemed faculty members, the hostel warden ma’am, and my dear friends and classmates for their continued support and guidance all through the way. I look forward to seeing myself as a person who keeps ever-evolving, through experiences and knowledge gained in GIBS, and bring out my best in making this world a better place in all the big and small ways possible.

“This is the part where you find out who you are.”