Unique Mentoring Model

Unique Mentoring Model

UNique Mentoring Model at GIBS Business School Bangalore

Mentoring at GIBS is not a process, it is a model relationship that mentors and mentees hold. GIBS is concerned towards student’s emotions, interests, growth. To address their concerns, the faculty, placement and alumni of GIBS follow a unique mentoring & counselling model. In addition, there will be a personal life coach & career counsellor available in the college.

Each GIBS student will be assigned one mentor from the L&D department, one from the Placement Department, one from the Placement Department, one from the Business Department and one from Corporate. It will all be done on a one-to-one basis. The timing will be set in advance with the students. Mindset, skill set, spiritual quotient, emotional quotient, happiness & success, communication development strategies, family values and so on would be the main focus of mentoring.

During the fourth trimester, students will be assigned mentors depending on their areas of specialization. Students will benefit from this mentoring by becoming experts in the skills needed for their field of study.

The mentor meetings will put a strong emphasis on giving each student detailed feedback and on the development of their strengths, weaknesses, communication skills, confidence level, time management, skill gaps, active participation in events, involvement in classes, teamwork, and many other characteristics. Students don’t have to wait the prescribed amount of time. Anytime a student wants to chat and discuss something with their mentor, a meeting can be organised based on the previous conversation.

Unique Mentoring Model
  • Learning and Development (L&D) Mentor
  • Corporate Mentor
  • Placement Mentor
  • Business Mentor
GIBS Business School Bangalore Unique Mentoring Model